Wednesday, January 19, 2011

We kinda, sorta, don't agree......

This is how my son would prefer to go outside.

Well, I should rephrase that-if he really had his choice, he'd be outside in shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops or crocs.

He must take after his dad, cause it's certainly not after me. I'm the one who's always freezing with socks and sweatshirts and piles of blanket.

I've stopped fighting with him. He's old enough to take off what I struggle to put on him and I lose anyway guess you have to choose your battles.

It is embarassing in the grocery store though when every other person makes a comment about your son and his shorts and how he must think he lives in Florida not the freezing Northeast.

We've come to a semi-compromise and he's been humoring me wearing his fleece jacket outside.

Not my first choice but I'll choose my battles and he'll come in if he's cold.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Never leave your cupcakes unattended....just saying....

We woke up last week to alot of snow. Alot, alot, alot of snow.
Like where are we going to put all this snow when we shovel and plow?

The kids had the day off. First snow day of the school year. We ventured outside for a bit, but boy, that snow was deep. The kids had a tough time just walking around.

My little guy wasn't even chancing it. He didn't go much further than the front steps and then turned around to go back in the house.

We spent the day in the house. Playing, crafting and baking. My 10 year old wanted to make cookies but I had a craving for cupcakes reminded her she had a new decorating kit to try out. So cupcakes it was!

And they were yummy. Hit the spot.

That is until my 2 year old tried to get one on his own.

Ouch. I found this when I went into the kitchen. On the floor.

Never leave your cupcakes unattended.

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