Sunday, November 30, 2008

Da Da Da Da Da Dahhhhh!

I finished my first two projects!

I started with the teachers' gifts-the Aivilo Key Chain Pouch Wallet I've finished with two of them and have another almost done. It's very quick and easy-I think getting the wallet ready to topstitch all the way around was the part that took me the longest and that didn't even take long. I didn't get to sit down and do it all at once, so I'm not sure the exact time it took me, but it wasn't much. The directions were very clear with all the measurements spelled out, pictures were great and I loved how you got everything ready first and then did all the sewing. Not back and forth from the iron to the sewing machine. I often end up doing something else while I'm going back and forth. I'm very happy with them, my girls loved them and have already picked out more fabric, and I think they will come in handy for the teachers. I don't think I've ever had teacher gifts ready so early. I'm usually running out the day before vacation starts to get gift cards.

I had the fabric and velcro for these wallets. I had to purchase the split rings and interfacing. All together, each wallet cost 52 cents. Waaahooooo! I also had the fabric (an Amy Butler print) and velcro for the one that is almost done so for three wallets, it will cost me $1.56. For the rest of the wallets, I had to by more velcro so they'll cost me a bit more. Even if I had to buy the fabric, these wallets do not cost much at all-still a bargain if you are buying all the supplies!

Yummy, Yummy

This post does not have to do with the Thrifty under Fifty-I will be back soon with a picture though :) Let me get the kids to bed. I wanted to share this recipe with you for cheesy potato soup that I made tonight-so good, so yummy, so perfect for a rainy, sleety, cold night. We sprinkled bacon and onion on it. Even better. Here's the recipe from Little Birdie Secrets blog. Thank you so much for sharing. Check out the bread bowls she also shows you how to make-I'm doing that next time!!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Almost done!

I made my first trip for supplies on Wednesday night-JoAnn's. I needed interfacing (none in the stash) and split rings for the wallet/key chain. I still have to add up what it cost for these supplies but I think I did pretty good. I had some coupons and the split rings were on sale.

I started on the Aivilo Key Chain Pouch Wallet for teachers gifts. Here it is Almost done so stayed tuned for the finished product. I'm using some Sandy Henderson Ginger Blossom that I had in my stash. It does not take much fabric at all and is great for leftovers-you only need small piece of fabric.

I'll be back soon to show off my wallets-the baby is a bit cranky with a molar coming in but he's getting tired and hopefully will be napping soon. Dh took the girls out so it's sewing time for mom!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Forgot 2 special people

I realized last night, during the night when I should have been , really wanted to be sleeping, that I forgot two very special people on my Christmas list-Rachel's brownie leaders. Both of these ladies are wonderful and giving with the girls and do many awesome activities with them. One leader has a home daycare-I don't know how she is so patient with all the Brownies after being with kids all day at home. I like to be around her because it makes me a better person. So, for both of them, I will probably do the same gift as the teachers-wristlet or wallet. I'm thinking of adding in some candy that my sister made last year. It was easy to make and yummy! I'll double check with her and then share the recipe with everyone. If you can even call it a recipe, you don't even have to use the stove-well you could but we used the microwave. You know-professional cooks :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This is the first copy of my list-probably will be some changes as I go along but here's what I'm thinking right now.

My kids-I would like to make each of them at least one thing myself-something special, if I have time for more I'll be real psyched, but if I can at least do one for each this year, next year, I'll add on.

Sarah-I'm thinking some kind of necklace holder-they just don't do well in a jewelry box and she loves her accessories. I'm thinking maybe a frame of some kind with those little tea cup holder screw thingies-as you can tell, not my area of expertise. I found her some necklaces at Aeropostale on clearance and although I have made a necklace before, I need lots of practice in that area.
Rachel- apron to go with cupcake making stuff
Mary-doll clothes maybe, apron, not sure
Claire-felt board with accessories
Zack-applique outfit, bibs
Sister in law and brother in law (Mary's godparents, we just do godparents for dh's side of family) some kind of ornament
Friend, husband, 3 kids (2 girls, one boy) (Claire's godparents) I'd like to do the duet aprons for my friend and her 2 girls in matching fabric
8 teachers-this is where this challenge comes in handy for me, I've always given the teachers gift certificates but that was easy when I only had 1 or 2, I just can't do it this year. I'm thinking some kind of wallet, wristlet, maybe a tote
My mom-I'd like to do some kind of ornament with the kids pictures
My sister-we purchase each of our families yearly museum memberships as our gifts to each other, we started this 2 yrs ago because our kids got so much, we go through the year together to different places, I'd like to make her something special though

So that's what I have so far, thanks for reading so much, if you have any suggestions, I'd love them. I love seeing what you are all giving for gifts. I've gotten lots of ideas from everyone in the Thrifty under Fifty group-everyone is sharing some really great ideas.

I've got fabric soaking now and I'm going to throw it in the dryer so I can get started sewing tomorrow. Right now, I'm exhausted, the baby was up at 4 this morning-a bit too early in my book :) Of course, he fell back to sleep. I wasn't so lucky. Have a great night!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Thrifty under Fifty

I am so excited-and honored-to be chosen to be part of the Thrifty under Fifty challenge. There are 50 participants with 5 leaders-I am, of course, on the best team-Go Team Kris! :) No really, it's a great group of people that are really into sharing ideas and helping each other out, no matter what the team. This contest is to see how many gifts-hopefully all-you can make for under $50. I'm psyched to make up my list for gifts and get going. I have lots of fabric in my stash and it's just waiting to be made into some awesome gifts! You can follow along on my blog to see my progress. There will be prizes for those that follow along with the challenge so stay tuned.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Testing 1, 2, 3

Beep, Beep

This is a test of whether or not I can set up a blog :) something I know nothing about. I love to read blogs-there are so many awesome ones out there-but I'd never thought about how to set one up myself.

Short and sweet for the first post. I want to see if this works...... I need instant gratification and I'm too impatient :)