Friday, October 30, 2009

Easy Peasy Skirt and Halloween Treat

I finished my daughter's new skirt last weekend - it's the lazy days skirt from oliver + s ...... don't you just love the name! Easy peasy, so cute and the pattern is free-oh yeah, doesn't get much better than that!!

I've seen this pattern before-and I think it's in my favorites-but Melissa at One Crafty Momma re-introduced me to it.....many thanks! She had a sew along that I joined but am very late for. To my credit-I did finish the skirt last weekend, just forgot to take pictures of my daughter wearing it....... but that still makes me late and makes me sound like one of my girls making excuses for something they didn't do :)

I'll definitely be making more of these for the girls.

Happy Almost Halloween! Our costumes are ready to go and we have our first Halloween party tonight. No big Mommy made costumes this year-feeling a little bit of the guilts-aaahhh the Mommy that's scary!

We're making yummy treats for our neighbors-chocolate covered spider legs.......don't you just want to dig right in???? It's really chocolate and pretzels and another easy peasy recipe I found on Cheat Day Cafe. Gotta love easy peasy

Have a great Halloween and weekend and don't eat too much of your kids' candy................peanut M &M's here I come!!
Edited to add-I'm linking up to Today's Creative Blog-Get Your Craft on Tuesday

Saturday, October 24, 2009

What a guy!!

My husband is so good!! He just took all 5 kids out for breakfast.........aaaahhh, what a guy!! I'm sitting here enjoying my bagel and coffee, catching up on some blogs and the newspaper and enjoying a bit of silence. What a nice way to start the day!

We woke to a rainy morning and it's suppose to continue all day so we're laying low today. We only have one socccer game this afternoon and we're hoping it's not cancelled. If it is, we may do a little shoe shopping for the girls-time to think about winter shoes and boots!

I'm almost finished with a skirt for my 4 year old so I'll be sharing soon. Have a wonderful day!!

P.S. I just realized, I'm almost up to 100 posts-wow!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Would you believe......

we woke to more of this on Sunday!
My 12 year old took this picture through our back window so that's not one, big, huge, glowing snowflake in the middle of the picture......we just had lots of fluffy ones.
Who would have ever thought we be scrapping off our cars in October!
Since it was a very wet snow, we spent the day inside with a nice fire and an even nicer apple pie we baked in the afternoon.
I tried a new recipe for chicken tonight that got a thumbs up from everybody-well, I'm imagining the baby gave us a thumbs up, he ate it all. There's only a few dishes that all the kids love so I'm so happy to add another one to the list. Now, I'm pretty sure I saw this on someone's blog or website- because I remember thinking "I have all those ingredients"- but for the life of me, I can't remember or find where. I'm sorry I can't give credit where credit's due. I did a search today to try to find the recipe and found this recipe for parmesan chicken. I'm pretty sure it's very close. I only used about a cup of Ritz crackers, not quite a whole sleeve. I also didn't have parsley so I put in some Italian seasoning. Other than that, I followed the recipe and it was delicious and very easy-a perfect combination!!
I don't try new recipes often so it was great that the girls loved it. As soon as they saw it was new, they were sure they would not like it. It was a good lesson in trying things out before you judge-a good, yummy lesson.
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Friday, October 16, 2009

Yes, Your eyes are not deceiving you!!

You are looking at snow!! In October!!
This is the earliest I can remember having snow-what a neat surprise!!
My girls are skipping right over Halloween though and already making Christmas plans!
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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Yeah!! The Monthly Craft Challenge is Back!!

Each month, Heidi at Blue Eyed Blessings has a craft challenge and it's back!! She took the summer off, but she's back with this month's theme -Halloween or Fall. Great for me because I don't have many Halloween decorations-or Fall for that matter-a perfect opp0rtunity to get my house ready for my 5 little goblins and the spookiness coming at the end of the month.
I saw the cutest idea over at Not So Idle Hands and I started saving my glass jars right away. I knew the girls would love it and they did!! They had fun making them and you would have thought I gave them the world when we put the lights in.
Aren't they adorable??? They're right on the corner of my mantle.
Emily at Not So Idle Hands gives great directions for making these-she has lots of great Halloween ideas! She used orange tissue paper but the day I stopped at Target they had none .......course I didn't go crazy looking with the 5 kids and hubby who kept saying "why do you need orange tissue paper?"........ this after constantly asking me if I still wanted all those glass jars! I spotted a package of orange napkins and grabbed them -perfect and easy. The girls loved using the Mod Podge to put the napkins on. We used black construction paper to make the faces (next time I'd use black tissue paper, I think the construction paper was kind of heavy). I used ribbon for the top of the pumpkins-thought it would kind of look like leaves. Still not sure of the ribbon-they kind of look like little pumpkin ninjas :)
We love the new additions to 7 All Together!
Head on over to Blue Eyed Blessings to check out some other great Halloween and Fall projects.
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