Friday, May 14, 2010

So Simple and So Yummy......

so quick and so easy....

need a quick gift....have company coming over......

way back when I started my blog, I talked about my quick and easy chocolate candy recipe. It really is the easiest thing to make and I don't even know if it qualifies as a recipe. If there are recipe rules, I don't think this one would make the cut!

All you need is a bar of almond bark-I get the chocolate one but it comes in white too-and a jar of peanuts-you could use other kinds of nuts too. I always keep these two ingredients in my house. All I do is microwave the almond bark-I usually cut it in half first-at 30 second intervals in the microwave. You could do the whole double boiler thing but.... why? After the almond bark is all melted, you dump in the jar of peanuts and stir it all together. Then you just take cookie sheets covered with wax paper, take a spoon and plop spoonfuls of the chocolate/peanut mixture on the cookie sheet-no forming, no worrying about shapes, no measuring, just plop. Put it in the fridge to let it harden. It doesn't take long.

Once the first batch is ready, you are going to want to start again at All you need is a bar of almond bark because it's so yummy and needs to be sampled and sampled again and again and before you know it, the first batch is gone and you still need one for guests or presents!

I made this for Teacher Appreciation Week last Thursday and I have never had so many people ask me for a recipe. They all loved it. Of course, everyone thinks you spend a lot of time on it, so I made them sweat it out a bit with the recipe sharing-haha, not really, I love to share all that is quick, easy and not that expensive, but seems the opposite.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Teacher, Teacher Can You Teach Me?

I'm a little unprepared for Teacher's Appreciation Week this year which in no way reflects how I feel about my girls' teachers........

We love our teachers!

We are so lucky in our town-we have a great school with such loving, caring, dedicated teachers........yes, we'll drive by on a Friday at 5ish, or a weekend afternoon or even in the summer and see teachers' cars parked in the lot......our staff gives their all -all of the time.

Teachers really deserve more than a week!!!

Our school PTO usually does something small for our teachers each day and then holds a luncheon for them on Friday.

In case, you're an unprepared and late as me, here's a few ideas......

Yesterday, I wrapped up some yummy m&m's-aahhh, you knew there had to be some chocolate involved, didn't you?-tied the bag up with a pretty, springy yellow bow and added a tag that said "We think you are mavelous and magnificent! Thanks!". I took a picture to share but then realized I didn't know how to blur the name of our school so I didn't use it-darn! I found the idea here-there's lots of other sayings too.

Today, I'm going to make a fruit platter with dip to put in the teacher's room at lunch-most of our teachers are watching what they eat so I know they'll appreciate this.

I'm not sure what I'm going to be doing tomorrow-as I said, just a tad bit unprepared!

I love the Teacher Appreciation ideas on eighteen25-so many great ideas I couldn't hit my Favorites button fast enough to save them for next year-great ideas for everything, not just Teacher Appreciation Week. I'm thinking that their "you are o-fish-ally the best" saying with swedish fish may be my idea for tomorrow-so cute, with.....{insert drum roll}...... a free down load!! I've said it before and I'll say it again, bloggers are the best!!!

Dimpleprints also has a cute free download for unprepared mothers! There's two different tags and a thank you card-very bright and cheery! I think I may print out the thank you cards for my girls to write some notes to their teachers.

Thank you to all our teachers!