Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Everyone's invited to another party......


(Bring your own decorating dilemmas!)

Amanda at Serenity Now is having another party!

I thought I was going to get my house soooo organized after basketball was finished and I had more time-ha! We moved right into softball, soccer and lacrosse with not even a week's break. My house was really, really, really neglected during basketball season and it shows-stuff everywhere and cabinets and closets a mess-so much so, there have been a couple of things I have not been able to find-that's bad!! With the kids off for spring break this week, I still haven't been able to get much done but that's my goal for the next few weeks!!

Right along with organization, my house needs a pick me up! I haven't decorated much since my first daughter was born-we've gotten a few new rugs, new drapes for the living room, painted the half bath and my older girls' room but that's it!! We still have mostly white walls, hardly no pictures on the walls and I'm getting tired of the curtains that have been up since we moved in!!

So...........since I love a party and I definitely could use some decorating advice..... I present my foyer

boring! This is view to the right of the door when you enter. I thought I'd start here-it was a tough choice-which dilemma should I start with!!! My question is what should I put in the space next to the door? The space measures 56 inches (from front door to corner) and 11 inches to molding-14 inches including molding. My problem is I don't want anything sticking out into the doorway to the dining room (the molding starts the entry way to the dining room).

Here's a picture from the stairs. I hung a old map of our town up above the light switches because there was a nail there-I'm never sure how to place items on the wall when there are light switches.

This is the view when you walk into the foyer from the front door-just in case you want to see the rest (and possible add any other suggestions you have!) The whole foyer is about 9 ft by 14 ft. Forget the plant that you see on the bureau-my daughter just knocked it down and I don't think it's going to make it. I think it needed to go anyway!! I definitely want to keep the bureau there-fits perfectly and it's great for storing mittens, hats, etc. I do need to spice it up a bit and stop leaving our library books on it.

Ok-this has nothing to do with the foyer but as soon as my girls see the camera.... Happy girls playing on vacation!!

I'd love to hear any ideas, suggestions-I'm excited to see what everyone thinks.

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Nicole R.J. said...

Ah, I was going to suggest a small bench, but that would stick out, which you don't want...

I'd want to hang some big art beside the door. Either a big piece just about the light switches, or something long right beside them.

Not sure how child friendly it would be... but a tall planter or bin for umbrellas {or an actual plant} would also look nice!

Anna said...

I think a larger picture over the light switches (just ignore them and center it on the wall) would fill up the space nicely. I like the idea of an umbrella or coat rack there as well.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Hi, Dawn!! First of all, your girls are adorable!!

What about painting the chest of drawers black or a fun color to make it really pop?

Changing up the accessories on top would help you freshen up the area too.

What about some decorative hooks for coats or purses next to the front door? Looks like you have a lot of space over the door as well? Have you thought about adding a vinyl wall quote or Bible verse? That might be neat.

Thanks so much for linking up! Hope you're having fun "partying." ;)

Laura said...

Is this the door you actually use to leave and enter the house? If it is, how about a cute mirror so you can get a last minute check before you leave or open the door. Underneath, you can put a cute little set of hooks for car keys. I have one near the door, and I (almost) never lose my keys (anymore.)

Stacia said...

What about hanging one of those entry way shelves with hooks. Maybe like this one... but cheaper.

It would solve the light switch problem and give you some storage too.

Pam @ bibbidi-bobbidi-beautiful said...

Man, I would love to have a nice big foyer like that! I think you're headed in the right direction, I would just go bigger with the artwork. And maybe some taller things on the dresser. Do you watch Madmen on AMC? The scale and layout of your foyer reminds me of the foyer of the Draper's house. I think you could fit an interesting table (The Draper's have a tiered round table for mail etc.) beside the door under the lightswitch. It would be a fun item to thrift for!

jenjen said...

Hi Dawn!

There are so many fun things you could do! I think you should paint that dresser in the foyer (if you want to), and maybe hang a big round mirror or something tall leaning up against the wall on top of the dresser. On the wall behind the door, could you hand a shelf and put something on that. I saw this the other day and something like it might be cute above the dresser or on that little wall to the right of the door.

Good luck!


Jeni @ said...

I love this idea! You have a great space in your foyer and can do so much. My first thoughts are to move the dresser out of the foyer and replace it with a painted bench. A place to sit before you leave the house. Hang some family pictues above the bench and I would also paint the walls a cheery color. Something that is happy to walk into. And you can add a skinny little table to the side of the door that wont get in your way and an area rug. Just a few little ideas. good luck

Jeni @ said...

I just had another thought...after you paint the dresser you could put it in that space between your door and your other room if it didn't stick out too far.

Amy said...

Wow I really like what you did.. It looks amazing.. Love seeing the girls..
I tagged you today if you want to play along..

Katie said...

Ooh so much potential. a bench or a table next to the front door would look good. Maybe some board and batten? There's a lot you could do. Have fun with it!

Acting Balanced Mom said...

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest... I love the idea of some floating shelves mixed with photos at different heights... no need to worry about centering anything

Sherrie said...

Hi! Happy SITS Saturday. Are you looking to paint your foyer? I could not believe how much better mine looked after some paint. I also have a console from Ballard Design and a mirror above it. Here is a photo when it was decorated for Christmas to give you an idea

angie said...

I think that space is calling for a nice big plant since you don't want a table or bench sticking out. Painting the walls a warmer color might help, too.

Amy said...

Have an amazing day..

Jingle said...

timeless smiles!

Amy said...

thanks for the kind words.. I am having a great time..

Letherton said...

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Jen said...

I am not very good when it comes to decorating but it seems like you can do a lot with this space!

I wanted to come by and say thanks for helping me celebrate my SITS day on Monday!! In regards to kntting, if you don't have time for knitting classes you can always learn a lot from youtube! I totally taught myself to crochet from videos on youtube! Just a thought!

Happy Friday!

Vee said...

Stopping by from SITS!!

Your girls are precious, and I think your foyer needs a little color, but it has a lot of potential! Can't wait to see what you come up with! =]

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Messy Mommy said...

We moved in November and our house is completely bare! We've been talking about decorating but it never gets done!

Jingle said...

Happy Belated Mother's Day!

Jingle said...

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