Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Last Day of Summer.....

It's hard to believe that today is the last day of summer. Even harder to believe that the last time I blogged was before summer even started!

It's been a fun, busy, crazy summer.

Trips to the beach, camping, relaxing at the pool, summer basketball, two trips to the emergency room, 5 kids home, not much crafting and lots of peanut m&m's!

We started off our summer right away with camping and then a trip to Hershey Park.

Suddenly I'm craving a little chocolate!

Followed right away by a trip to Washington, D.C. Was it hot!

My kids have only been back in school for a couple of weeks. They didn't go back until after Labor Day this year. My oldest started high school and my youngest preschool. Yikes! Tough mom day!

I'm still kinda in summer mode and feel like I can't get back into our school routine.

It's still sad driving up and down our road. The scenery had completely changed and the view is entirely different. We could never see any other roads because of all the trees on the side of the road and now we can see them all. Our communities are still pulling together to help out those affected and it's good to see houses starting to be rebuilt. Sad to see those that have been knocked down and probably won't be rebuilt.

My kids and I just talked to my friend who lost her house-they've rebuilt their garage and will start their house soon. It was amazing because my kids were expressing their concerns and fears to her about the tornado and she was reassuring them and was so positive. I wonder if I could be as strong as some of the people around here who lost so much.

The tornado really affected my kids too. All summer, when we met anyone, the first question my 6 year old asked them was "did you have a tornado on the first day of June?". They are petrified any time it rains, thunders, gets windy.

Hope you all had a wonderful summer and Happy Fall!

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

So Sad

My blogging vacation was a bit long than I planned.

Last Wednesday night, my area was hit by a tornado. I had no clue it was even coming. I never watch the news with the kids around and they were watching Disney because it was raining out. We had just been out playing in the sprinkler because it was so hot and humid and had come in because it had started to thunder. My husband called a little after 4 and said he had just got in the car to come home and the radio station was reporting tornado warnings for our area. He wanted me to get the kids in the cellar to watch TV without warning them. My husband is so not an alarmist but I still thought nothing of it.

We went down cellar and continued watching Disney until the power went out. I still thought nothing of it. I saw that it was dark out when I went to get flash lights but didn't stay near the sliding glass door. My friend down the street texted me after a while and asked if we were ok. Still thought nothing of it, and said fine, just no power.

She said they were fine but the tornado had touched down there. She said they had lots of trees down and wouldn't be going anywhere for a while. At that point, I still thought nothing of it. I couldn't wrap my head around it then and still can't now.

I live right on the the town line and the tornado went right through the town next to me-5 minutes down my road-total, total destruction-so unbelievable. We are fine, but I have a friend who lost her house-it's just gone. So many houses are gone or unliveable. We spent the weekend helping out down the street and I wish I could do more.

My thoughts and prayers have been with all who have suffered from tornados in the past few weeks. I've seen the pictures on the news but I don't think I truly knew the real damage or suffering until I saw what I have seen over the weekend.

We got power back late Friday night and phone and internet yesterday-I can not believe how fast it came back. Thank you to all the workers who came from all parts to help us out. They were so kind and nice to us. Our community has banded together and it is wonderful to see.

Please pray for the people of Massachusetts and all tornado victims.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mini Bloggy Vacation

Well, hopefully, it's a mini one.

And although we're super busy with sports and had a beautiful First Communion this past weekend, that's not the reason.

My computer is down. You'd think the screen going blank while you were online and the funny noises coming from the hard drive might have been a little clue. No really, we've known it was going for awhile and have been thinking about what we want to do. Right now, the computer is in my son's room-it used to be the sun room and we did it over, but never moved the computer. We're still debating about where to put it or if we should just get a couple of laptops. Good news is, since we knew it didn't have long, I had already copied all my pictures onto disks.

So, I probably won't be posting for a bit longer and I'm so missing all my favorite blogs. This old computer is so, so, so slow, that even if I wanted to catch on my bloggy reading, I can't. Either it takes way too long for a page to load up or it doesn't load up at all. I just know I'm missing a great tutorial or recipe!

I hope to be back soon. Can't wait to visit you all and leave some comment love!

Monday, April 25, 2011

{Easter Weekend}

Some egg coloring

some egg finding

(don't you just love that morning hair)

some required family photos

(don't let my 5 year old fool you-she was having fun and very excited to wear her fancy dress and hat although you'd never know from the pained expression on her face)

(and yes, my son wore his fanciest clothes to celebrate Easter, it only took him about 1/2 a minute to take off the polo shirt I chose)

more required family poses

(minus the two who didn't agree with mom that we really should be taking pictures of all 5 kids)

and lots more egg finding!

We had a wonderful Easter weekend with lots of eggs, friends, family, food and way too much chocolate! The girls went back to school today after Spring vacation and those baskets were taunting me all day!

I hope you had a joyous Easter!

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Friday, April 15, 2011

A {Very} Simple Skirt

A couple of weeks ago, I saw the cutest skirt over at Made. Perfect for spring and summer, playing, twirling, school and home and for just being comfortable. Dana was kind enough to give a tutorial for the skirt and I quickly added it to my want to make list.

Dana says

"seriously. it's the simplest skirt you'll ever make. ever."

And, oh yes, this is so true.

I wanted to make something special for my 5 year old's best friend's birthday. Which is today. So, of course, I started last night. I would have loved to make the two layer skirt but figured I'd better go with the basic one. You know, seeing as I needed it for today. I did take Dana's suggestion and sewed around the hem twice-an easy special little touch. I wish I had taken her advice for creating the waistband. Oh well, live and learn, mine was a little too small and although the elastic fit, it was a tight squeeze.

I started last night and finished this morning. And that's was with the kids all around and my son thinking that pressing the sewing machine pedal while I'm sewing is a new, fun, fun game.

I had the fabric in my stash and I had gotten it on sale so another quick, easy and cute project!

I'm definitely going to make some more of these for the girls!

I'm linking up to Amanda at Serenity Now's Weekend Bloggy Reading and The Weekend Wrap Up Party with Jen at Tatertots and Jello.

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Didn't you know I called in sick??

Oh, what's that? I don't get any sick days?? Are you sure? Isn't that in my contract?

Guess next time I sign a contract, I'd better read the fine print. No sick days for moms.

And I could have used a few this past week.

It's April, the temperature is finally warming up, all the kids are healthy and I get sick. Strep throat and a nasty cold.

I'm starting to feel better. I think. Not as good as I'd like to feel.

And I'm so behind.

Enough said. Or I guess, enough shown.

Friday, April 1, 2011

2011 Ultimate Blog Party with 5 Minutes for Mom

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

It may be cold and snowy here......brrrr

(~note to Mother Nature-it's April 1st and my kids should not be having a snow day)

but it's warm inside and the party has started!

5 minutes for mom is hosting their annual Ultimate Blog Party! Join in and meet some new friends, find some great new blogs and maybe win a prize.

For those of you visiting 7 All Together for the first time, I've been updating my blog recently, but still working on my about me page. I'm Dawn, mom of 5, ranging in ages from 14-3, 4 girls and a boy. I've taught both junior high and elementary school but I've been home with the kids since my oldest was about 6 months old.

Although peanut m&m's are what help me get through the day, I also {love, love, love} all that is quick, easy and inexpensive. Anything to make my day easier! Quick and easy dinners, a dessert that can be whipped up fast, gifts you can make when you find out the birthday party is tomorrow, cute crafts or costumes I can make no matter what else I have going on to surprise my kids. Love to share what I find and also little bits of my life with 5 kids.

Thanks for visiting!