Thursday, February 12, 2009

My girls have got the bug.....

One stomach bug-yuck!! My poor 5 year old -in the middle of the night- left us a nice present in our bed. She's feeling a bit better now-she's up and about. Here's hoping it doesn't go through the rest of the house-mom says as she knocks on wood and crosses all her fingers and toes. I hate when the kids are sick plus I don't have time for any extra laundry!

The other bug in our house is the blogging bug and it's bitten my 8 year old. I did the craft for her Brownie group the other night-fun time and she was so happy. We made candle holders out of baby food jars (very devious of me to use up all my baby food jars) with tissue paper and glue. Easy peasey and the girls were so busy and quiet. We made gift bags to put them it too. The leader found the cutest Brownie patches for Valentine's Day too so they each got one for their vests. My daughter arranged her candle holder on a paper towel yesterday and instructed me to take a picture to put on the computer so here it is........ as instructed :)

Have a great day!


Three Prince Designs said...

So sorry everyone is sick! The candle is so cute

Kris said...

What a fun idea for the kids to do! I bet you're the best Brownie leader ever!

I'm sorry to hear about the flu bug- we've all been sick around here the last few days. Tis the season I suppose. :)Hope you all get feeling better soon!

Kristina said...

What a great idea, thanks! Sorry everyone is sick over there. Get better! :)