Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We're having a party.......

well, we had a party- this past weekend-a birthday party times 3!! It was party central at our house.

My three middle girls all have June birthdays so we had their birthday party this past weekend. I have one turning 9, one turning 6 and one turning 4.

Usually they each pick their own theme and I go with colors that match what they pick. This year I suggested a beach theme and they all loved it so we went with it. Much easier!

I found this flip flop cake at the Betty Crocker site and the girls loved it. It was easy to make and decorate. They loved that it used fruit roll ups. I used Skittles to decorate the sides-

note to self, next time use m and m's-Skittles and cake don't go together -just my opinion!

The only problem we had with the party was one of my girls wanted chocolate cake and the other two wanted white. We solved that problem easily enough with one chocolate flip flop and one white cake flip flop. Oh, I wish I could solve all problems that easily! You only use half of a 9x13 cake for each flip flop so I had half of a chocolate cake and half of a white cake left. I put the two together and made another cake that was a beach scene.

You'll notice that someone got to the cake and scooped up some frosting before I took the picture -right in the front. I'm guessing my 3 year old.

I frosted half the cake with blue frosting and half with white. I then crumbled up graham crackers and sprinkled them on the white frosting for beach sand. My first choice for this was vanilla creme sandwich cookies but Wamart didn't have any-probably a good thing, I would have eaten all that were leftover. I got a couple of small palm trees at iParty and some paper umbrellas. The blankets under the umbrellas are small pieces of fruit roll ups.

The girls loved the cakes and their party. It was a fun day!!


Sara said...

Super cute cakes! Super cute girls! Sounds like it was a fun weekend! Your "stairstep" girls reminds me of me and my sisters growing up.

Courtney said...

CUTE!!! What an awesome mom you are!

Lisa said...

Great cakes! I love fun homemade cakes. They're so much cooler than the ones from the store.

Heidi Boos said...

Hi Dawn! Thought you'd never see me again, did you?! So sorry I've been MIA for awhile, but I have really appreciated all of your comments on my blog.

What a great idea for a birthday party! I love the beach theme. I'll have to save that idea for one year for Mikayla (or Austin if he actually starts liking the beach!) Love the flip flop cake and the beach scene. So creative and I bet the girls loved it! Cute pic of all three. So glad the party went well and you had fun celebrating.

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Kris said...

Super cool treats! And what a fun mom you are to do them with the kids. I bet they had a ball!

Mama King said...

So cute! Something I will have to keep in mind for when my girls are older!