Monday, June 8, 2009

The Guest that won't Leave!! (and some fun stuff)

No, we haven't had any company..... just a virus that's been going around our house. It's overstayed it's welcome and I think it's time for it to pack up and leave. I love company but I wouldn't mind if it never comes back to visit us again :)

My oldest daughter started last Monday night, the baby over the weekend and my 3 year old today. It's a fever and cough and it's knocking them all out.

So, after nursing the baby nonstop over the weekend, I found a couple of great things I thought I'd share.

Tip Junkie is having a Going Dot Come Birthday Bash starting on June 15th to celebrate changing her website address. She's hosting a giveaway with 50 amazing prizes.

ABC and123 is having a Zooples & Co giveaway this week-one lucky winner will get a choice of the following
~a set of ABC Animal Flash Cards,
or~an 8x10 Animal Art Print of your choice,
or~ a set of Cute Animal Coasters!
All adorable-very bright and cheery!

Heidi at Blue Eyed Blesssings is hosting her Monthly Craft Challenge this Thursday. This month the theme is monograms. Would you believe I had my project done and completed this weekend-it was for a birthday party-and I forgot to take a picture!!!! Just part of all the craziness last week. I promised my daughter I'd make her one too so I'm still going to join in. I love to see everyone else's projects.

Here's to a healthier week!!

Hope you all have a good one!!


Katie said...

I'm sorry you've been so sick! Hope you are better now. Thanks for passing along the news about Tip Junkie, haven't been over in awhile and as your probably know I love winning giveaways!

Can't wait to see your monogram project! I plan to finish mine tonight.

Kristina said...

Aw, sorry about the kiddos. I remember sick days with the 24/7 nursing. People think you're exaggerating, but no, it really is 24/7. :)
I totally want to head over to check out the craft challenge. Sounds like so much fun!! Thanks for the heads up.