Friday, February 26, 2010

Two Birthdays.....Twice the Fun

In between the yucky stomach bug our family had and the double yucky, kicking my butt cold that my family now has, we celebrated some birthdays - my oldest and youngest. It was touch and go for a bit and I was holding my breath - I was afraid it wasn't going to happen as my husband was sick the day before, but he pulled through and we had a great time with family and friends.
My oldest daughter turned 13 on January 19th-wow! 13......hard to believe.
She doesn't really like cake and cupcakes-she's not a frosting person
(and yes, she really is my child!)
I just happened to see a truly wonderful recipe for candy pizza and she loved the idea so we ran with it!!

It was really easy to make and very, very yummy!! I was afraid it was going to be too sweet, but it wasn't. It was a huge hit, everyone loved it, wanted a piece and wanted the recipe.

We went with cupcakes for my son-very easy..... especially since my mom made them! He was not sure at all about all the singing and candle lighting-I don't think he knew what hit him when the whole room started singing to him. No blowing out the candle for this boy-guess when we practiced we should have really used a lit candle.

He was a bit tentative with his cupcake at first......

but quickly realized how wonderful the whole birthday thing really is!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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ThinkFeminist said...

My daughter turns 1 tomorrow

A new follower. You can also follow me at

Debbie said...

I am suffering with that cold that almost kills you right now. And my son has a birthday in less than a week.
Love your cookie cake! That looks amazing.
Came by from SITS to say hi.

Old Time Cindy said...

How cute...nothing like a family celebration. Thanks for stopping by to say hi! Blessings to you and your family...
Cindy at Lakewood

twinkietotmom said...

Happy Birthday to your two cute kids! I love the last one of your son with the icing on his face...priceless!

Stopping by from SITS :)

Jackie said...

What a fun cake! I like that idea. I'm convinced that as long as the birthday kid is happy, it doesn't matter what you whip up!

My oldest turned 13 on the 23rd of January! *sigh* Why must they grow?

Melissa Haak said...

Stopping by from SITS!

What's this you say 13? So you can't stop it, they really grow up? Bummer...that candy pizza though, that looks like it would be a hit in my house!

Kris said...

You've been busy with birthdays I'd say! I love the candy pizza idea! My husband doesn't like the cake & frosting either. Crazy! ;)

Frantic Holly said...

Looks like they had just wanted they wanted for their birthdays! Stopping by from SITS.

Jen said...

what a fun time for your family!! happy birthday(s) to all!!