Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Teacher, Teacher Can You Teach Me?

I'm a little unprepared for Teacher's Appreciation Week this year which in no way reflects how I feel about my girls' teachers........

We love our teachers!

We are so lucky in our town-we have a great school with such loving, caring, dedicated teachers........yes, we'll drive by on a Friday at 5ish, or a weekend afternoon or even in the summer and see teachers' cars parked in the lot......our staff gives their all -all of the time.

Teachers really deserve more than a week!!!

Our school PTO usually does something small for our teachers each day and then holds a luncheon for them on Friday.

In case, you're an unprepared and late as me, here's a few ideas......

Yesterday, I wrapped up some yummy m&m's-aahhh, you knew there had to be some chocolate involved, didn't you?-tied the bag up with a pretty, springy yellow bow and added a tag that said "We think you are mavelous and magnificent! Thanks!". I took a picture to share but then realized I didn't know how to blur the name of our school so I didn't use it-darn! I found the idea here-there's lots of other sayings too.

Today, I'm going to make a fruit platter with dip to put in the teacher's room at lunch-most of our teachers are watching what they eat so I know they'll appreciate this.

I'm not sure what I'm going to be doing tomorrow-as I said, just a tad bit unprepared!

I love the Teacher Appreciation ideas on eighteen25-so many great ideas I couldn't hit my Favorites button fast enough to save them for next year-great ideas for everything, not just Teacher Appreciation Week. I'm thinking that their "you are o-fish-ally the best" saying with swedish fish may be my idea for tomorrow-so cute, with.....{insert drum roll}...... a free down load!! I've said it before and I'll say it again, bloggers are the best!!!

Dimpleprints also has a cute free download for unprepared mothers! There's two different tags and a thank you card-very bright and cheery! I think I may print out the thank you cards for my girls to write some notes to their teachers.

Thank you to all our teachers!


Katie said...

What a great collection of ideas you've put together for me to look through and some very nice things you've already done this week. I too found myself less prepared than I hoped to be when it came to honoring our teachers this week.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Those are good ideas! :) I want to do something special for my daughter's preschool teachers at the end of the year. Thanks so much for the visit today! :)

Joann Mannix said...

I know it's Teacher Appreciation Week, but you also need to be thanked and appreciated! I was the PTA president of my daughter's school for 2 years and I know the incredible amount of work it takes to be a committed volunteer. Kudos to you and all you do. It is people like you that make this world a better place.

Happy SITS Saturday!

Mrs. Jones said...

Despite the fact that I decorated the lunch room for the teachers, I was really unprepared for the week. My son it going to have to give his teacher her gift on Monday!

The fruit is a good idea. I work at the school, and junk food is always available. Those trying to avoid it really appreciate the healthy stuff!

Let'sMakeADifference said...

Great ideas! Who doesn't love Swedish Fish?!!:)

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

awesome thoughts!