Saturday, September 25, 2010

Although I'd like to deny it.....

and with the warm weather we've been having...... yes, we were sweating at soccer today..... it just doesn't seem possible,
but when I see this as I look out my kitchen window,
and come into my living room to find that my 5 year old has decorated for me,

I have to accept it, fall is here!

I've started working on organizing all my crafting goodies, but was itching to do something crafty yesterday. My 7 year old's applique shirt with her initial on it-that she wears all the time-is getting to small for her. I found this tshirt at Target on clearance and with a scrap of fabric, dressed it up a bit. Quick and easy and cute!

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Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I hear you!! It is waaaay to hot here to feel like Fall. I LOVE that appliqué t-shirt. :) Too cute!!! Thanks so much for linking up with me. :)

Amy said...

Happy Sunday and great crafting ideas..

Amy said...

Happy Monday..

I tagged you in a fun game if you want to play along..

Ronnica said...

Ha, love the "decoration!"

Michaela said...

So fun! And the mantel is priceless. Must be nice to have some help decorating (:

~Stopping by from Amanda's Party!

Hen Jen said...

I got such a good chuckle out of your leaf/scotchtape mantel decoration! things like that happen at my house, too. And yet, it is so sweet, wonderful that you got a photo to remember these moments by!