Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lady Bug Antenna and Wings....

or is it antennae?
I used 2 strips of fabric from the top of the tshirt and a plastic headband.

and just wrapped the strips around the headband. I used my glue gun at the beginning and end and in the middle when I ended one strip and started another.

I then took 2 black pipe cleaners and wound them around my thumb. I glued 2 black pom poms on the end of each-only used 2 because Walmart didn't have the bigger size pom pom.

I just wrapped the end of each pipe cleaner around the headband and twisted the ends together. Quick, easy and cute!

At this point in my lady bug costume making, I was beginning to run out of time. I also had to pack all our clothes and the camper. Although I would have loved to make fancier wings-and probably will for Halloween-I decided clothes and food for the weekend were more important.

I decided to make a pair of wings out of cardboard and decorate them. I grabbed a cereal box for the cardboard, traced a wing shape using the side of the box as the middle of the wings and cut them out. Now, when you hold the wings by the middle piece (the side of the box), they are not flat but point outwards and also flutter back and forth. Yeah, I planned that.

I attached the wings, after they were decorated, to the back of her lady bug dress using ribbon, but need to find a better way to attach them. I'm thinking velcro.

A cute, fast, easy and inexpensive costume idea! Next this week, a great idea for tweens/teens that's also cute, fast and easy. And doesn't cost a lot of money or need a lot of supplies.

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Anonymous said...

Creative and super cute. Thanks so much for sharing this idea!