Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow, some ice, the stomach bug and more snow......

Lots and lots and lots of snow!

And it has it been crazy around here!

Who would have thought when I wrote about the Storm of 2010
and the Storm of the Lost Cupcakes
that pretty much all I would have been writing about in 2011 would be snow!

So, in between shoveling and snow days and a week of the stomach bug traveling through our house and kids home every other day, I haven't gotten much accomplished at all. Let's just go with nothing accomplished.

I sure hope that ground hog was right about spring coming early!

Although, I'm kinda doubting that ground hog right now. I'm thinking he just couldn't see his shadow because of all the snow!

We're already being warned we have more snow coming next week. The storm has been dubbed the "Beast of the East".

So I guess I better keep my shovel handy................. and my patience.

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Amy said...

I am with you on Spring really coming early. Next week we get cold but I am going to see my Mom in Texas and it is cold there also. it is just way to wild. I think I got a free link for my Round Robin I have to see how it works..
Have a great weekend..

Anonymous said...


Can't find what state you are in. I'm in NJ and we've been hit hard but you have more snow than we do now. Stay warm spring won't be here til March 20th (officially)! At least the little ones are tired out after a day of playing in the snow. Have plenty of hot cocoa and dry socks ready!


Amy said...

Yes, I will take pictures each month. I started that with my first one at four months.. I hope to keep it up.. Have a great day..

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Haha, yes, I think the groundhog got snowed in! ;)