Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Step 2 and a half.....

That's where I'm at on the YCMT Making This Up As I Go Along quilt Well, really Kim is making up the quilt so I made up Step 2 and a half-just trying to do my part to help out!

I almost finished sewing all the squares together on Friday night but then my bobbin ran out and I was tired so bed won out over squares. They are all sewed together now (and threads trimmed) and ready to be cut. Since it's late again-when else do mom's get to sew???-I'm not going to trust myself with my rotary cutter. I think rotary cutters are best used after a good night's sleep.

Have a good night!


Courtney said...

So true! My greatest rotary cutter accidents have been after hours! :)

Thank you so much for the kind words on my blog!

I hope you like the polar bear and it was kind of what you had in mind!

I am nearly done with the eBook and then I will send it on over to you! :)

Thanks for adding the recipe!

Three Prince Designs said...

I would agree with you - never good idea to use rotary cutter if you are not completely alert!

Get a good night rest!

singamaraja said...


What is rotary cutter?

Xazmin said...

Came over from SITS to say "hi"! I so wish I could sew. Did that sound too dumb..."so"..."sew"! Anyway - someday I'll learn!

Kris said...

Dawn, I need to have the 'bed' win out in my life more often!;) Good luck on finishing your projects!

B said...

I would agree, but sometimes it is so difficult to pull myself away from my sewing room.

Dawn said...

almost done