Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We're back........

Me to 4 year old: You didn't finish your bagel

4 year old: Where is my bagel?

Me: On the table

4 year old after a pause: What's on the table?

We're back from a wonderful week at the beach and it's been one of those mornings where nothing goes right. We woke up late for soccer camp and nobody likes to rush. The girls are tired and cranky and one doesn't feel well. The baby discovered he can climb up on top of the kitchen table and threw down all the laundry I had folded last night......... yes, all of it, sigh.

But, here's to a better afternoon, and on the bright side, the baby had a wonderful time throwing all the clothes around and we had a wonderful week at the beach. Another great week with beautiful weather, lots of digging in the sand, bike riding, relaxing, and eating ice cream. The girls had so much fun and none of us wanted to come home.

I hope you are all having a great week. I have a baby shower this weekend and one of the girls has a birthday party so hopefully I'll be sharing some projects soon.


Teresa @ ♥ Too Many Heartbeats ♥ said...

Hi, I'm stopping by from SITS to show some comment love. Hope the rest of your week is amazing!

Many blessings,

Teresa <><

Katie said...

Oh Baby! Not the folded laundry!!
I bet he was pretty proud of himself for being able to climb like that:)
I love the picture of you kids with the 2009 in the sand. Do you do a similar picture each year on vacation? I've heard of families that do that and I think it's a neat idea! Welcome Home!

Tania @ Larger Family Life said...

Don't you love conversations with four year olds?!

Helene said...

Stopping by from SITS! I just posted some wierd conversations I had recently with my 4-yr old twins! Aren't they hilarious at this age???

My 2-yr olds do the same thing with the laundry, if it's any consolation. And then when I discover them playing in the huge pile of now unfolded and wrinkled clean clothes, they laugh. I can't help but laugh (and then I go lock myself in the bathroom and cry....hahaha)

Mammatalk said...

I get it. My resident four year old says the funniest things.

Frugal New England Kitchen said...

Happy Saturday SITS Sharefest!

Our family loves the beach!

Sharing some Retro luv on my blog this week! Hope you'll stop by!

Life In The Fast Lane: Part 5 - PTA and Parties - 40 years past Woodstock

Susie said...

Wow!! That sounds like perfect summer fun:-)

Thanks for visiting my blog today and Happy Saturday Sharefest to you too:-)

Unknown said...

great looking family.

just stopping by to say hi from SITS hope you'll do the same.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like your beach trip was fun, good luck getting back into the swing of it all!

Jessica said...

That's it! I need a vacation! :)

Stopping by from SITS...

Heidi Boos said...

Hi Dawn,

I LOVE this picture at the beach. What a great idea to put the year in the sand. I'm totally going to steal that idea for our next vacation. ;) Glad you had such a great time!

Sorry your {last} Wednesday got off to a rough start, but hopefully the rest of the week went well. Thanks for the comment on the blog today. I hope to be back for good! ;)

Kris said...

What a great picture of the kids! I love that 2009 is in the sand- now you'll always be able to remember that vacation!