Friday, December 18, 2009

Hat Day

It's crunch time.....and I'm not talking Nestle Crunch!!
Just like all of you..... there's lots to do and there never seems to be enough time in the day.
Our school PTO is sponsoring a performance for the kids today-a wonderful singer who is great with the kids and brings tons of hats-he changes hats all the way through his performance. In honor of him, today was hat day at school.
I thought I had the girls convinced to wear Santa hats for the season.....but that would have been too easy. My 9 year old wanted to make a hat and as soon as my 6 year old saw her..........Santa hats weren't going to work.
My 9 year old started off with a black fleece hat. I suggested sewing small ornaments to it and then remembered we had a green hat. I sewed and she made a paper star to go on top. Very cute!!
Check-One happy child!
I then remembered seeing a cute tutorial for Easy Fairy Crowns over at 4 Crazy Kings this week and quickly suggested it to my 4 and 6 year olds. They loved the idea and we got started. I didn't have any headbands so I used some thin, pretty flexible wire my husband had in the cellar. I wrapped it around each child's head to measure and then looped it around 3-4 times. I cut and then taped the ends. I followed the rest of the tutorial and let the girls pick out the colors and ribbons they wanted. I sewed through the tulle and ribbon when I was done to make sure it wouldn't pull out-I forgot to tie a knot with the ribbon when I was done wrapping and just finished wrapping, put the tulle and ribbon in and then tied the knot. Note to self.....tie the knot next time! Very cute!
Check-Two Very Happy Twirly Children!

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Ashlee said...

I love that idea! They are so cute! My mom and I use to make ssomething similar out of star garland from Michaels and ribbon!

Stoppin' by from SITS! Have a greaet morning! xo

Jamie Cooks It Up! said...

How cute!
I have 5 kids as well....I can relate with "TRYING" to keep it all together!
It amazes me on a daily basis, that I can run around town making sure everyone has just what they need...getting things done, cooked, cleaned, organized, made, hugged, loved, etc...and there are still ALWAYS laundry and dishes. Oh the laundry and dishes. They will always be my constant companions!
Happy SITS Saturday Share Fest!
Have a Merry Christmas, I'm happy to know about your fun blog!

Unknown said...

Great hats! Your girls must love them. said...

What a beautiful family! LOVE LOVE the crown! Wish I could wear one all the time!

Confessions From A Work-At-Home Mom said...

What creative children you have... and what a creative mommy YOU are. I love the "tiara with tale", if you will :)


Kris said...

What fun hats! I love that they got to make these and I'm sure they were so excited to wear them. What a fun day!