Thursday, July 8, 2010

Big, Big Day!!

Kindergarten Step Up!

I don't remember my other girls being quite so excited, but my 5 year old was beyond excited about her Step Up Ceremony.....preschool to kindergarten.....

Course she was mostly concerned that there were going to be snacks there.......yes, a girl after my own heart......but she was also very excited about being on stage singing her songs!

She asked my everyday how many more days there were until Step Up and we had to name the days and then she would wake up the next morning and ask if Step Up was today (and if there would be snacks!).

I told her I'd make her a new dress and it's so cool to see how excited she was about that!! Makes those late nights staying up sewing at the last minute all worth it!

I saw this fabric at JoAnn's and loved it right away. I used the boutique halter top tutorial from Trotter Sweet Peas Boutique-I was lucky to win it in a giveaway and had been wanting to try it out. We both loved how it turned out and she looked adorable!!!

A special dress for a special day!


Amy said...

Oh my gosh is she cute or what.. I just love it.. I want a dress like that.. Thanks Dawn for linking up.. I love having you..

Have a great day...

Michelle said...

I just love the dress, so adorable!
Congratulations on the Step Up.

Visiting from `Round Robin`

Sandy said...

My first thought, "Oh my gosh! I have pictures like that of my daughter when she started kindergarten and 1st grade." She is now almost finished with college! How cute! Thank you for sharing and bringing back memories!

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

lovely and sweet girl.
what fun Round Robin post.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Her dress is lovely!! You did a great job. :)