Sunday, July 11, 2010

Chic Click Carnival

Bloggers are wonderful people-I've learned so many new things from different blogs-everything from new recipes to clothing patterns to ideas for decorating my house. So much sharing in the blogging world! I love to find new blogs and am excited to be participating in the Chic Click Carnival this week!

For those of you who may be stopping by from the carnival my name is Dawn and I'm a SAHM with 5 kids....4 girls and a boy from 13 down to 2. I love to sew and craft and with 5 kids I'm all about quick, easy and inexpensive!

I think my favorite post changes all the time but right now I love the one about the Wipeout course my kids created. Right up my alley, fun, quick, and inexpensive-they had a ball just running around the yard with the sprinkler and staying cool!

My favorite peep of the week is Moms by Heart. Her tag line is "raising rascals on a dime" and with 5 kids every penny counts. I love finding out about new deals and coupons and Lori makes it so easy for me. Her newest post is adorable-a free picture of you child with the tooth fairy. She lets you know about all kinds of bargains like those on prescription glasses, address labels and Thomas the Train toys and great printable coupons like this one for Diet Coke. She also goes through all the best deals at different stores each week-makes my shopping much easier!!

Check it out-it's a great way to find new blogs!


Dawn said...

well, i'll be darned-guess i wasn't having trouble putting the widget in-just didn't show up when I previewed, i mean, i'm just much smarter than I think-haha

Julie@My5monkeys said...

slaready following the blog and this carnival sounds great