Friday, October 29, 2010

Easy Last Minute Halloween Decoration.........

Getting ready for our school Halloween party today with my little helper.
A package of fruit snacks makes things easier for mom-uh, I mean much more fun!
A few years ago, I was looking for some easy and inexpensive ways to decorate our school gym for the Halloween party-nothing scary, just something to make it look a little less gymish and a lot more fun. We try to keep the budget low for the party, but I wanted something fun.

I found a great idea on Martha Stewart's website

Witches Curtains

Easy, quick, inexpensive and the kids love it.

So perfect it's scary!

Please ignore the mess on my stairs in the background-it's been a party getting ready, cupcake baking, crazy kind of day.

Grab a trash bag and a pair of scissors and you're ready. Hopefully, you can find a pair of scissors without searching through the whole house like I did! I use any kind of trash bag I have-I don't think I've ever used a heavy duty one like suggested.

I follow the directions here. I usually start by cutting up about a 1/2 inch in on one side and then all the way across the top. Don't pull too hard after you've cut your strips or the strip will tear. No worries if one does though, just adds to the spookiness. The one I made about still needs to be stretched out a bit.

The kids love walking through this to get into the party. We have three doors to get into the gym and I usually put them on all the doors and then put spider webs all over the tops and sides of the doors. Some of the strips get pulled off during the party, but I've never had alot. The kids just like jumping up and touching them as they walk in.

Have a great Halloween Weekend!

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Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

What a great idea for a kids' party!!! Cheap, simple, and fun...doesn't get much better than that. ;) Thanks for joining the party, Dawn. :)

maria said...

Hi Dawn.The decor is so cool... I hope you have a great time at the party.Thank you for stopping by and leave your comment to my blog.I tried to become a follower but something is wrong with the server i will try again later!

Mammatalk said...

I love clever ideas like this!

Amy said...

I love that idea.. Have a great Halloween.. THanks for the wishes for my little one yesterday..

Laura said...

So spooky! I saw that Martha Stewart too, and I did that curtain once. I had totally forgotten about it till I saw your post. So awesome! It's perfect for a low budget, ultra scare area. You are so good to do this for your kids' school.

Corinne said...

that is a great idea. Will have to try it next year.

Michelle said...

Oh, I have a perfect passage way for this! How easy and creative!