Monday, February 28, 2011

"I am love.....each other"

A nice surprise on a cold, rainy, icy Monday morning.

My girls are featured over at I am..... today!

I am..... is a new blog recently started by Megan of Brassy Apple.

In Megan's own words.....
"I felt the tug inside to share bits of my life. To connect through photos with other women and what they wanted to share - to be seen, to create, to capture life, to capture the everyday. To connect, to uplift to embrace, to empower and to relate - all through a single colorful snapshot."

There have been so many beautiful pictures shared this month. Most made me smile. Some tear up.

Megan is going to have a theme each month. The theme for February was Love-I sent in my picture because my girls have been loving the snow and each other. March's theme is Survivor. Love the picture of the laundry room. How did she get in my laundry room??

Maybe I should take and send in a picture of all my spices my son just dumped on the kitchen floor while I was writing this post........guess I'm moving vacumm the kitchen floor to the top of my list this morning. Oh, and adding buy all new spices to my grocery list. A 3 year old's (yes, it's his birthday today!!) idea of fun is waaayyy different from mine!

Check out my girls and I am...... and Brassy Apple.
Both really neat and fun blogs!

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Amy said...

Thats amazing! Thanks for the welcome back.