Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This is the first copy of my list-probably will be some changes as I go along but here's what I'm thinking right now.

My kids-I would like to make each of them at least one thing myself-something special, if I have time for more I'll be real psyched, but if I can at least do one for each this year, next year, I'll add on.

Sarah-I'm thinking some kind of necklace holder-they just don't do well in a jewelry box and she loves her accessories. I'm thinking maybe a frame of some kind with those little tea cup holder screw thingies-as you can tell, not my area of expertise. I found her some necklaces at Aeropostale on clearance and although I have made a necklace before, I need lots of practice in that area.
Rachel- apron to go with cupcake making stuff
Mary-doll clothes maybe, apron, not sure
Claire-felt board with accessories
Zack-applique outfit, bibs
Sister in law and brother in law (Mary's godparents, we just do godparents for dh's side of family) some kind of ornament
Friend, husband, 3 kids (2 girls, one boy) (Claire's godparents) I'd like to do the duet aprons for my friend and her 2 girls in matching fabric
8 teachers-this is where this challenge comes in handy for me, I've always given the teachers gift certificates but that was easy when I only had 1 or 2, I just can't do it this year. I'm thinking some kind of wallet, wristlet, maybe a tote
My mom-I'd like to do some kind of ornament with the kids pictures
My sister-we purchase each of our families yearly museum memberships as our gifts to each other, we started this 2 yrs ago because our kids got so much, we go through the year together to different places, I'd like to make her something special though

So that's what I have so far, thanks for reading so much, if you have any suggestions, I'd love them. I love seeing what you are all giving for gifts. I've gotten lots of ideas from everyone in the Thrifty under Fifty group-everyone is sharing some really great ideas.

I've got fabric soaking now and I'm going to throw it in the dryer so I can get started sewing tomorrow. Right now, I'm exhausted, the baby was up at 4 this morning-a bit too early in my book :) Of course, he fell back to sleep. I wasn't so lucky. Have a great night!

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