Friday, November 28, 2008

Almost done!

I made my first trip for supplies on Wednesday night-JoAnn's. I needed interfacing (none in the stash) and split rings for the wallet/key chain. I still have to add up what it cost for these supplies but I think I did pretty good. I had some coupons and the split rings were on sale.

I started on the Aivilo Key Chain Pouch Wallet for teachers gifts. Here it is Almost done so stayed tuned for the finished product. I'm using some Sandy Henderson Ginger Blossom that I had in my stash. It does not take much fabric at all and is great for leftovers-you only need small piece of fabric.

I'll be back soon to show off my wallets-the baby is a bit cranky with a molar coming in but he's getting tired and hopefully will be napping soon. Dh took the girls out so it's sewing time for mom!!

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Unknown said...

Hey you! Can't wait to see the wallets! I'm sure they're going to be awesome!