Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bananas anyone??

I had the honor of testing a new pattern for an adorable lovey blanket. The pattern is by the very talented Courtney of Sister to Sister. I met her through the Thrifty under Fifty challenge-another great perk of the challenge that I hadn't expected-I met some really great people who have inspired me (sounds sappy but so true). I just think this monkey is so cute and soft and snuggly! What an awesome present it would make for a baby gift! The pattern was very easy to follow and well written. Great job Courtney and thanks for letting me test it out.


Connie said...

That is just adorable!

Jessica said...

That is so cute. I should try and make one for my baby. His room is jungle themed and that would be so cute in there. It even matches a monkey thing (no clue what, trash can?, vase? who knows) on the book shelf.

Three Prince Designs said...

Yours came out wonderful!

Kris said...

Dawn- you did a great job! That turned out really cute. Way to go, Courtney, on that adorable pattern!

Shelly said...

oh so cute, cute, cute!!!! My DIL would absolutely love this for her baby due in May. My son gets tired of the monkeys and says there won't be monkeys in there, however, we all know MOM ends up with the final say! I will have to see if I can purchase the pattern from Courtney!
Found your blog through YCMT's Make It Up as You Go Quilt. Will you be participating with it? I'd love to see what you could do with it! Hope you don't mind, but I'll be following your blog to see. Also, sounds like project filled head would be inspiration to my head to get some of the ideas out.
Crafting together,

nancy huggins said...

Could you please let me know where I can go to buy that pattern for the Monkey...that is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time..would look cute on the bench in my foyer...Thanks for showing it...You did a great job :)
(I hope I got it right)