Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Two Special Days.....

Yesterday was a busy day-no school for the girls so we went to my sister's. It was a very special day for us-my oldest daughter turned 12-WOW!! Unbelievable-I can remember just like yesterday the day she was born and exactly what happened.

We always tell the girls the story of when we left for the hospital to have her and they love it-my husband has embellished it over the years and he always adds in something else funny. I had been sick the weekend she was born-little did I know I was in labor-but I was determined to get to childbirth class because they were giving away the "list" of what to bring to the hospital. Back then I thought it was so important :) We made it to class, got our list and that night my water broke surprising us both-I was a little over a week early. As we were packing to go to the hospital, my husband was running around the house and saying "where's the list?" over and over again. I kept trying to explain to him that it didn't matter where the list was-I hadn't bought anything on it!! There was no convincing him we didn't need that list, no matter how I tried. I think I finally just told him I had it and had packed it all :) It was time to get going.......

So, S. was born with no list :) She's a great kid-very compassionate and caring, a great friend, helpful, loves to sing and act-she just tried out for and got a part in our high school cabaret dinner theater production-we're so proud of her. She's had some things to deal with the past two years so I hope this year is a great one for her as she starts her journey into teenage hood-a journey her mom is not ready for at all! Happy 12th Birthday S-love you!!

Also, very special today-the inauguration of President Obama. I was watching at lunch and didn't think I'd get so emotional. My thoughts are with him and our other leaders in Washington, D.C. and our individual states to lead us down the right path and help us to become a better country. As I sat in my warm house feeding my children lunch, I was very thankful.

We were all sick with an icky cold last week so on to more crafts and sewing and I'll be sharing more this week-much more fun than a cold!!


Courtney said...

Happy Birthday! Glad you had a special day!

Isn't it funny what you think you have to have at the time! (labor and any other stage in child rearing!)

Shelly said...

The stories I could render about labor! LOL Funny how certain things you never forget about that time and others--like the actual pain you felt--you forget! Probably a good thing too since we'd never have any more if we remembered! Glad it was such a great one for all of you!
I like you watched the inauguration today--along with my students. My principal even gave us permission to eat in the room so we wouldn't miss it!