Sunday, January 11, 2009

You're invited....

to a sew along. Kim at You Can Make This is sewing a scrappy quilt for the bench in her foyer. It's a cute bench with a cute pillow and she wants to add to it. She's posting instructions on the YCMT blog as she goes and has invited us all to sew along with her.

It's a great project for someone like myself who has only made one quilted wall hanging when I took a class many, many years ago-gosh it was right after I got married when I had no kids-too long ago. It's great for two reasons-one, she's giving us the instructions in little pieces each week so it's not overwhelming and very doable and two-you don't have to leave your house to take a class which is next to impossible with all the kids' activities and my husband's work schedule, plus I don't like the cold :) I'm excited to start this project (and complete!) because I've been wanting to learn more about quilting. I'd love to do some projects for the kids' rooms.

Kim decided to just use fabrics from her stash for this project so I thought I'd see if I could do the same and I did!! I had a bunch of fabrics that are pinks and greens so I went with that. Selecting fabric is always a tough one for me-I've never sure what looks good together or what prints go with what prints-that's why I love fabric designers that design a whole group that all co-ordinate-makes it easier for me. Let me know what you think or if any fabric looks like it doesn't work with the rest.

I'm off to iron some fabric and start cutting squares. The girls are out sledding with my husband so it's nice and quiet-can you hear the silence :)

On a not related subject, my team won their first basketball game yesterday!!! They did awesome!


Three Prince Designs said...

Yeah - I am glad your team won! The fabrics all look great together in my opinion. Is the one fabric a pink and gray polka dot or pink and black polka dot?

Shelly said...

Yea!!! Your team won. Good going coach! I too am doing the quilt with Kim from YCMT. I apparently don't know what I'm doing as I only chose 4 different fabrics. Seems like others I've seen have so many more than that. I think your fabrics will look great together. I'll be following along to see how yours is coming. You can check on mine (if interested) by going to
Crafting together,

Dawn said...

I just realized the picture I posted isn't that great-the colors don't show up very well. Do you mean the fabric in the right bottom corner? It's green with white flowers. Doesn't look very pretty in the picture. I've got to get going on this-I'm behind!

autumn2606 said...

I think the fabrics look great together. Most of mine are a bunch of scraps I had left from a dress I made, along with some other scraps. We are working on cleaning out the craft room, so this is a great project.

Kris said...

How's your quilt coming Dawn? Can't wait to see!

Kim said...

I'm glad you're going to do this Dawn! Thanks for posting!

Kim :)