Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hershey Pictures

It's so much fun looking at all the pictures we took and remembering our vacation. Thanks for letting me share.

Here's the first night in our hotel room.....when everyone was happy to be in one room :) They're really happy here because they were watching Disney Channel.....which much to my girls' displeasure we don't get at home because we don't have cable-yes, mean parents we are :)
One of our favorite places at Hershey was Chocolate World. They had a tour that showed you how chocolate was made complete with a moving car (reminded me of Disney) and singing cows (my 6 year old's favorite). My 4 year old asked to go to Chocolate World about 10 times a day-didn't take her long to figure out you got a free piece of candy each time the ride ended!

Here's the baby enjoying his chocolate-didn't take him long to figure out how delicious chocolate really is-must take after his mother :)
Here's the 3 youngest girls in Hershey Park with the Recess Peanut Butter Cup guy?? candy?? not sure what to call it when it's walking around the park.
Here's our free chocolate at Chocolate World-yummy!!
I had trouble loading pictures on to my blog using Picasa so I'll leave you with these for now and add some more later. Hope I didn't make you hungry-I'm craving a piece of chocolate right now! Happy Chocolate Thoughts!!


Sara said...

mmmm...did someone say chocolate? Looks like a fun place. And yes, I'd be all about the chocolate too!

Katie said...

Looking forward to seeing the rest, it's cool to see your pictures taken on the same hallway we were just a little bit before you. Glad they liked Chocolate World, ER really liked it too!