Thursday, July 16, 2009


This week's Picnic Table Talk is imagination......some days my girls just blow me away with their imaginations..... with their artwork and with the games they play and invent. They are always making up new games or pretending they are someone or something else. It's so neat to watch them.

Yesterday we went for a walk and my 4 and 6 year olds found sticks. My 4 year old's stick broke at the top and then suddenly they both had fishing poles. With no water around, the bottom of someone's driveway became the lake and leaves stuck on the end of the sticks became fish. Then the sticks became sticks to roast marshmellows and they were camping-they were pretending to be seasonals (what we call people who leave their camper in one campground all summer-my girls would love to stay at a campground all summer). Then we came to an area where there were larger rocks on the side of the road so they were mountain climbers. So funny to watch and listen to but also funny because I just read another blog this morning that mentioned their child also using sticks and leaves for fishing.

My girls are always pretending in the house too-the couch may be a boat and the rug the water-or making things with play doh and pretending to cook them up and serve them to everyone or coloring and cutting things out to play with.

They younger girls love to pull out all the pans and pretend they are drums. We also have some other instruments they love to make music with.
We were lucky to be able to make a playroom in our cellar a few years ago. We have a play kitchen down there and a whole baby area set up. We also have dress up clothes down there and my girls are always dressing up in one costume or another. They come up with some interesting combos :)

After they dress up, they often put on a music/dance show for us or play house or library or school............
It's wonderful to see their imaginations at work and see them often learn things while they are playing.


Susana said...

My kids love the pots and pans too:-). Your kids are adorable and are having lots of fun!

The Royal Family said...

Hello, stopping in from SITS! Cute blog, i
ll be back!

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Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

The last picture made me LOL - the outfit is too funny. It sounds like your girls have so many chances to exercise their imagination, and they also play well together. I am sad sometimes that my daughter is the only one and misses on all the opportunities for joint play.

Dawn said...

Hey there, Dawn! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

It's always nice to meet another Dawn!

Anonymous said...

what great pictures! I love imagination! One of my sons used to come downstairs everyday dressed in a different costume from the costume chest. He also changes he is name a lot, and creates a character to fit that name. What a sweet day you had!

Heidi Boos said...

Hi Dawn!

Having an imagination is definitely a great little treasure. Kids can come up with some very entertaining things!!

Mikayla, who just turned 3 years, is just now starting to use her imagination and I am LOVING IT! Right now her newest thing is her little brother is Bolt (the dog). She got the movie for her birthday and she rides around on her scooter (as she says, "like the little girl") and calls out to Austin saying, "Here, Bolt!" So funny!!

Hope you're doing well and enjoying the summer with your family!

A Cooking Bookworm said...

I love watching my daughter's imagination develop. She amazes me with the things she comes up! Kids are so entertaining! :-)

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~Sandy said...

I remember the days when mine played with pots,pans,and spoons...those were some sweet(loud) days:) They just grow up tooooo fast.