Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Personal Advent Calendars.......


Cute, easy, quick.....all my favorite words!

(well, chocolate isn't included and you know that's my favorite, but I had a brand new bag of peanut m & m's so all was well in my world!)

We have an advent calandar that my sister's mother-in-law made for me......years ago when we only had one child. The girls are pretty good at taking turns, but there are days when, let's can I put this nicely.......... they have trouble remembering whose turn it is and the Christmas Spirit ceases to exist. Yesterday, I saw the cutest idea to end the squabbles over whose turn it is.........

Once again, I say BRILLIANT and why didn't I think of it sooner!!

What sealed the deal was I already had the same package of stickers that were used-I picked them up last year, after Christmas, at the Dollar Store. Little did I know, I'd be ahead of the game. I didn't have the doilies and we don't have a Dollar Store nearby, so I cut Christmas trees out of construction paper.

The girls quickly got to work gluing their trees on and then decorating the backgrounds. They loved the idea of having their own calendar as much as I did.

The baby didn't make a calendar but he got right into the action coloring along-on paper for once, lately it's been my walls that are exhibiting his masterpieces.

After the girls decorated, my older ones decided to put the numbers 1-25 on their trees. This morning they covered the number 1 with their first sticker.

(please ignore all that laundry piled up on the couch-I have a huge mountain to fold-it feels like it's getting bigger instead of smaller!)

Here's all our personal calendars on our fridge-the girls are very excited!!

As I was taking this picture, I noticed the pink Build a Bear poodle also hanging there-why? I'm not sure, my girls think there should be something pink and fancy in every room plus they love to decorate the fridge! It kind of looks like one of those Halloween witches people hang on their house so it looks like the witch crashed into the wall.

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lemonologie said...

Aw, they are so cute!

Thanks for visiting me on my SITS Day!

Kris said...

What a fun idea to do with the kids! I think mine would love that. It's not too late either- I'm definitely going to do this! :)

Heidi Boos said...

What a great idea to be able to give everyone their own turn every day!! (We'll probably have to deal with that next year with Austin wanting some action). I also love how it's more personal because each of them made it themselves. I bet this will become a new tradition for your family!! Thanks for sharing!

Kelly said...

Cute blog and adorable kids!