Friday, October 22, 2010

Great tween/teen costume idea...

that's quick, easy and inexpensive!
Columbus Day Weekend is the start of the Halloween season for us-we camp that weekend and it's a huge Halloween party all weekend. We're usually camping with up to 5 other families so between Halloween and great friends, it's a blast.
The last couple of years, all the kids in our group have been planning....starting in the dress up together in a group costume. Better odds in the costume contest and it's just plan fun to do it all together.
Last year, all the girls were flowers and my son was a bumble bee-too cute. We decorated the wagon like a garden and he sat in it while all the girls pulled him around. It's fun to dress up yourself but double the fun to dress up as a group.
This year my neice saw an awesome idea in American Girl magazine. I checked their website but couldn't find it online. This year the 5 tween/teens went as a Pile of Magazines.......

All the girls picked their own magazines. My oldest was Seventeen and my 10 year old was Sports Illustrated. Guess you can tell what they both love-although, my 13 year old doesn't read Seventeen, she loves anything fashion. We also had a Glamour magazine, a Kids National Geographic and a puppy lover's magazine.

The girls really enjoyed working on their costumes and thinking of all the catchy phrases for the front covers.

We used foam board for the covers-my sister thought of that-I was going to get poster board, but I'm glad I wasn't in charge of purchasing supplies, poster board would have been too floppy. My brother-in-law cut a hole in each foam board so the girls could put their face in it. We used the computer to print out the titles of the magazines and make them larger and used different fonts and colors to make all the phrases. We cut those out and glued them on. We traced one of my 5 year old's shirts for the body and colored them in.

Easy, quick, inexpensive, fun and creative!

and they won Most Original!!

I just love that this costume was age appropriate and they had so much fun creating it and they'll always remember when they dressed up as magazines.

So excited too-the Lady Bug Costume I made for my 5 year old was featured on Tatertots and Jello. Be still my heart-there was just a bit of jumping and screaming in the house this morning......oh, and the kids were real excited too! They loved seeing their sister and she looks so cute if I do say so myself!! Just a bit biased you know!

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Michelle said...

I love this idea! Its cute, simple, something the kids can do on the own, it let's them show their personality, very cute!

Southern Fried Gal said...

What a CUTE idea! You are speaking my language with quick, easy and inexpensive! Happy Friday!

Unknown said...

haha, love it! Will be forwarding this to my mom for my teen (tween?) sister and brother, they'd love this. Thanks for sharing, visting from Serenity Now. Happy Friday!

-Ann Marie

Unknown said...

Great idea. Tweens and teens can be so hard. This is perfect@

Holly said...

That is very original! Great idea.

Jennifer said...

what a cute idea! Thanks for sharing.
And thanks for stopping by to check out my Cookie Mush :)

Amy said...

Congrats on the feature. I really love that idea. Thanks for sharing it. Have a great weekend Dawn!

FrouFrouBritches said...

That is so smart and original. Totally cool! I love it!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Fun costume idea!!! :) Congrats on the feature, and thanks for linking up with me. :)

Susan @ Oh My! Creative said...

Cute idea!

I am having a Halloween Costume Contest with great prizes...enter to win!

Party and Entertaining Inspiration

Laura Marchant said...

Oh I love this idea! Very cute.

Amy said...

Yes I am enjoying my last few days with my parents. Now the cleaning and packing begins again. Have a wonderful day..

Susan Payton said...

Just blogging around this afternoon and found your blog. I love reading all the different blogs, they are all so different and unique. Thanks for letting me visit.
For a just for fun read:

Amy said...

Have a great weekend.. The suit case was found but has not shown up yet..