Saturday, December 13, 2008

Another gift

I got the idea for this ornament when I was looking at Audry's blog She had cute gloves that she had decorated with bows (an idea I hope to also copy). Last night my 11 yr old and I traced her hand on felt. I cut it out, cut the hole out and glued it together with the picture in the middle. I sewed across the top first to put the ribbon. Then I tacked a bow on to the top. I'm tracing the other kids' hands now to add their school pictures. I've got a couple different ribbons to use. I had the felt and ribbon. Just got school pictures in so another project for $0. I know my mom will love it too. I've got to get my sister to copy her kids' hands on paper and send them to me with their pictures. We always do presents to my mom together from both families so I'll wrap them all together. Can't wait to have her open it!!!

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Kris said...

Dawn, those turned out really cute! Think how cute that would be to do each year and then you would see how their hands get bigger. Kim once had painted her children's hands and put it on a tree skirt. Then the next year she would do the same- always writing the year on of course. I love anything to do with handprints!