Monday, December 29, 2008

Birthday Gift

My 8 yr old had a birthday party today for a good friend. I made her a tshirt with her intitial on it using How to Applique the Easy Way Very simple and easy. This is the third shirt I've made and I love to do it plus it makes a special gift. I also made her two headbands using the free pattern for headbands. Also very easy and simple. I started it all this morning and finished before the 1:00 party-just barely, but I did! And that was in between opening all the Polly Pockets the girls got from my mom yesterday :) I wanted to make a few more headbands and a bag to put it in but didn't have time. I thought I would have more sewing time this past weekend but it was too busy. I had all the supplies except the tshirt and I got that at Walmart for $4.00. I think I'm going to be doing this for birthday parties since buying gifts adds up when you have 3 girls attending parties.
Just want to add in-the birthday girl loved her shirt-her mom did too! She was wearing the Valentine's Day headband when I got there to pick up my daughter and tried on the other one for me too. I'm glad she liked it so much.


Three Prince Designs said...

Great idea and I love that fabric. I think I am also going to start making the initial tees and headbands or the name pillows for B-day gifts also. Something more personal is always special!

Amievoltaire said...

What a cool gift for a birthday friend!