Friday, December 19, 2008

Thrifty Wrapping

Snow, snow and more snow here so the girls were home from school again today. As soon as my 3 yr old saw the snow, she said "is it Christmas?". We made candy for their teachers' gifts and worked on wrapping them. The candy is so easy. It's one big bar of almond bark (I can only find it at Walmart around here, but I don't have many stores near me) and one jar of peanuts. You melt the bar of chocolate, add the peanuts and mix it all up. Then you just use a spoon and plop spoonfuls on wax paper. Put it in the frig and let it harden. It's delicious-we had to sample some, of course. I sampled more than some :) The girls liked licking the spoons and bowl.

We worked on wrapping next. We took brown paper bags and cut up pieces of fabric. I used a bowl to draw a circle on the bag and the girls glued the squares of fabric around to look like a wreath. I cut red felt circles for berries. I'm going to cut two holes near the top of the wreath/bag and use ribbon to close the bag and also be the bow of the wreath. The girls really got into this project. The first picture is my 3 yr old's bag-she was so funny-she just glued away the whole time. I didn't notice until afterwards that my 8 yr old drew doors behind her wreaths-too funny. I think they came out so cute and will look even cuter when tied with ribbon. Best of all-$0. I had all the supplies.

P.S. In the second picture, you can see the snow falling outside the window. You can also see the bottoms of the snowmen we made the day we had no power. I'll have to post a picture of them. They came out cute, were easy, and best of all-have glitter!!!!


Three Prince Designs said...

Very creative idea on the bags!

That recipe sounds very yummy- have you ever used anything besides peanuts? We have peanut allergies unfortunately.

I am anxious to see the snowmen.

Kris said...

What a clever idea to do with those gift bags and the fact that you were able to involve your children is even better!They turned out really cute!

Dawn said...

I've only used peanuts because that's what my sister told me to use :) but I think on the back of the package it says you can use any nuts. I was thinking you could probably use crushed candy canes too. My neice has a peanut allergy too so I can't make these for the house.

Katie said...

These turned out really cute. What a fun idea and easy to do with the things that I already have in our house. Thanks for linking to the ABC blog hop!