Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sorry no pictures

I hope you all had a nice weekend. Ours was busy with Santa Breakfast at school and basketball games. We decorated our Christmas tree today and had our first snowfall! The girls loved it. Everyone is in bed now and hubby just went out to get a carmelized onion pizza for us-what a way to end the weekend :)

I just realized this afternoon that I can't take any pictures of my projects-waaaaa. Our computer is out with one of my dh's techs being fixed....again.....we've been having trouble since the summer. We got it back last week, it was up for a few days and then down again. While it was up, I had taken the picture of the pink wallet and I think I may have left my memory stick in the computer when dh took it to his tech. At least, I'm hoping that's where it is, I'm also thinking that my 3 yr old may have gotten a hold of it and that probably means I won't find it for a long while and I'll be out buying a new one. My fault, I should have taken it out right away. Hopefully, we'll be getting the computer back tomorrow, even if we don't, I'll find out if it's in there or not.

So, I hope to have pictures of my projects tomorrow. Can't wait to share the door hanger for my sister/brother in law. My mom loved the flower pin I made for my sister and I'm cranking out those wallets :)


Kris said...

What a bummer for you, Dawn! That would be very frustrating. Hope you can get it back soon somehow because I'm sure you've got some great things to share!

Courtney said...

That stinks! Hope you are able to find it! My Dh lost his a few months ago. Unfortunately he never found it and it had all of his sermon outlines and notes on it! Can't wait to see your pictures! I am loving the wallets, they are so fun and easy!