Friday, December 12, 2008

No electricity and no school......

makes one cranky momma who did get anything done on her list this morning! We lost power during the night and got it back around 12 this afternoon due to a huge ice storm. Boy, you don't realize how dependent you are on electricity. I couldn't even use my cell phone because all the circuits were busy so I felt so isolated. We did some crafts, read, played some games, but the girls were real cranky. It was a loooonnnnggggg morning!

On a good note, I didn't get a memory stick for my camera (well, that's not the good thing). We have to order it-guess I've got my first antique-my digital camera :) But, I have been searching my house for the camera box that I stored everything in for the memory stick that came with it. Luckily, I mentioned to my husband last night about where it might be and he said I wonder if it's in my old camera bag. Lo and behold there it was so I present......

I used this free pattern for a door hanger from My sister and brother in law have a black terrier that's about 1 yr old. Since I don't know how to embroider, I was trying to think of something else I could do and thought of this. I made the dog out of felt and stitched it on the muslin. I had the felt, Christmas fabric and ribbon. I had a pillow in my closet upstairs that had come with a slipcover. I never used the pillow but hadn't gotten rid of it. I cut it open and used the stuffing as I had none. So, one door hanger, $0. Yeah!!!
I'm chugging away on wallets and other presents and will post more pictures later. Got to get back to sewing before the movie is over. Yes, I put a movie in after my morning :) I needed it!
P.S. I know the bow is not tied neatly-I'll do that before I give it :) Also, if you noticed I didn't finish hand stitching the opening, pretend you didn't-I tried last night and gave up, I was too tired.

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Kris said...

Dawn, this is terrific! What a wonderful, personalized gift! And I would have never even noticed the bottom not being stitched!

So sorry to hear about your power outing. It's tough when that happens. Glad to hear things are rockin' and rollin' again.

I'm excited to see all your other projects in the works. And I'm so happy you can post pics now! Yeah!