Sunday, December 14, 2008

8 Key chain wallets and a necklace holder

I finished 5 more wallets so that brings me to the 8 I needed for teachers and aides. I also worked on my daughter's necklace holder. It's all done except for the hooks and I'm not sure where my husband put them. I'll do them tonight after the kids go to bed. I also am 97% finished with a child's duet apron. I just have to sew the waistband. The apron was so easy! Doesn't take long at all.


Kris said...

Woo hoo! All those wallets and even one cut up. You know, I think you ought to "frame" the one that you little one took scissors to. It would be a classic reminder of childhood don't you think? Years from now, you'll look back and smile. ;)

Your necklace holder is coming along great!

Courtney said...

You go girl!!!