Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Update and why 3 yr olds and scissors don't mix

I finished the door hanger for my sister/brother in law and my kids all knew what the picture was-good sign. I had all the fabric/felt and ribbon. I had a pillow in my closet upstairs that had come with a slipcover. I never used it but didn't want to throw it away. I cut it open and used the stuffing inside to stuff the door hanger. I have to say I was pretty proud of myself. One door hanger present $0 - even prouder :) Pictures to follow if I get my memory stick and it's the right one :)

My 3 yr old is now confined to the kitchen/living room after going into the dining room aka my sewing room and cutting one of the teacher's keychain wallets with my scissors. Bummer. At least it happened now and not the week school was getting out. Now I know not to leave my memory stick in the computer and to put my scissors up high and leave the gates up. She's so quick-I should have made her come with me while I changed the baby!

I've been checking out all the blogs for the Thrifty under Fifty and I just want to say I am blown away by all the awesome, creative presents people have made for little or no money. I've gotten some great ideas, suggestions and help. Thank you to everyone.


Courtney said...

Oh, no! I totally understand (I have 3 year old twins running around here!)

Three Prince Designs said...

Oh wow! I have a 2 year old too and a cat that keeps eating the thread off the sewing machine! Argh!

Kris said...

Thanks for the reminder on the scissors! I'm searching the house now for my gazillion pairs that are just bound to wind up in "someone's" hands! I'm so sorry about that!